Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Evil Bear Wargames, Bear Tactical Hardsuit

A chap that I've know for far too long has done that one thing that we all dream of and released his own system along with a unique range,


so OSC is coming soon, and if the first lot of miniatures is anything to go by this will be one to watch, I've lifted the description of the game from Matt's website,

Oscar Sierra Charlie

Where Modern Warfare Meets Worlds Beyond

Oscar Sierra Charlie puts you straight in the front line in gripping battles. This is combat at the cutting edge; individual and squad-level action, desperate missions to capture key objectives, with victory going to best tactical mind.

OSC’s mechanics are deliberately streamlined for fast-paced tactical play. Straightforward stat lines are augmented by a plethora of skills, options and tactics. At its heart a player-driven rules system, no two games of OSC will be the same. Your troops will stand and fight at your command – their fate and that of the mission is in wholly in your hands!

The game world of Oscar Sierra Charlie is one of gritty modern warfare at its core. But it is also far more. Revolutionary scientific experimentation has opened a Pandora’s Box of trans-dimensional travel; the so-called ‘Endless Earths’.

Across hundreds of alternate Earths, in hundreds of alternate timelines, elite strike teams and expeditions explore, observe and, where necessary intervene. But they are far from alone. Humanity has discovered many facsimiles of itself, scattered across dimensions. But even more explosively, it has encountered other sentient beings; lifeforms of unknowable abilities and motives. As the eyes of humanity open to the limitless possibilities afforded by the Endless Earths, the fate of our entire reality may hang in the balance…

Late last week the first models went up for order and I'd be rude not to support a fellow hobbyist so I threw some paypal at the screen and these bad boys rocked up...

very funky packages, dead useful as well for various tokens for all sorts of systems!

a badly taken picture of the raw product 

nice and easy to stick together, crisp castings and with a little work you can easily convert these guys. 

I splashed some paint on one of them and everything looks brilliant in Russian green! 

size of the hardsuit next to a popular spaceman...

Overall very pleased with my purchase and a multitude of uses for various systems that I dabble in, so if this wets your whistle then wander to Matt's website www.evilbearwargames.com splash some cash and get some cool toys!