Friday, 7 August 2015

July Pledge,

And yet another month fly by!

so what have I managed to crank out this month?

Well the KOM KOW army is coming along nicely and I've sorted out the pikemen unit that I converted a while back,

I managed to plough though these in hardly any time at all and compared to the cav that I've been painting recently these have been completed very quickly!

After some discussion on the mantic facebook page the question of enemy units being able to charge the pike unit cropped up so I put the unit on a reverse slope and arranged the pikemen so that they didn't cause to much of an issue, 

so with a bit of luck it appears that I've managed to pull it off, time will tell when I play some full on games,

Gaming wise Ben over at Dice Devils ran a cracking Batman game the other day, 

Initial impressions were very good and I'd like to get some more games under my belt before actually giving my views on this system.

I've also managed to get games of Judge Dredd over at Naga, and painted some robots that I picked up, 

however the spray varnish wiped out the work

so it was back in the detol and start again! 

I was lent an ape gang as we went dinosaur hunting 

I got my ass handed to me, however it was a cracking game and again want to get some games in before giving a first look,

So onto the Pledge,

I survived the Scar's and completed the mantic madness challenge once again,

Bought 20
Painted 46
Difference +26

so another stonking month and I'm managing to "control" my habit to some extent, so for the next month I'll be working on some scouts and normal cav for the KOW KOM army, then depending how burnt out I get on that stuff I've another unit of pikemen to sort out and finally move onto the cool stuff for the finish line, It's gonna be a tight one me thinks!

To break up the Arab bits I'm painting up lizardmen for age of sigmar and dragon rampart and might splash some paint on some T-55's that I picked up from battlefront a while back.