Friday, 21 August 2015

Kings of War, Kingdom of Men - Send in the scouts!

Up to now most of the KOM army has been fairly "normal" with no real fantasy type element within it,

So when thinking about the scouts I decided to do something a little different...

 blokes on flying carpets, its a surefire winner!

the actual base is the size of 5 cav models I'm sure I'll get away with these guys though

the carpets were printed off from images that I found on the new, shrank down by Kris and I had no idea how to do it, stuck down on some plastic card that was bent and that was it simple as that!

so all that's really left for the arabs is a unit of cav, a unit of pikemen, some heroes and that should be that lot done!

with Battlemasters in 20ish days it should be a walk in the park based on previous projects that I've had to knuckle down and focus on.

Once this is out of the way though I'll have finally get a chance to play some AVP as well as start on the Nuem for relics that I picked up at the beginning of the year!