Sunday, 13 September 2015

Post Battlemasters Kings of war Report - Kingdom Of Men تَكْبِير

So way back last year at the 2015 battlemasters, I was chatting with some of the guys during lunch and the versatility of the kingdom of men list came up with regards to the free reign that you can do an army with.

Well one thing lead to another and before I knew it I was errily working my way though the first unit way back in Feb this year, Rather than get burnt out on painting Arab guys I decided to try and do at least a  unit a month to spread out the workload.

This approach worked really well until I hit the summer holidays and my hobby time disappeared but it was great to spend that time with Isla and the two J's and get up to my usual mayhem!

I've updated the blog over the last 8 months with snap shots of various units but today is the first time that I've got then all together in one go!

When I first started on the KOM army list 2nd Ed was on the way and I stayed away from the play test lists so that I didn't confuse myself with regards to the rules and all that jazz. But with building the army over a fairly lengthy amount of time I didn't get much chance to play with it and went into the battlemasters blind and that really showed with where I finished in the standings!

but enough of all that torney type stuff here's the last bit of the army...

so I picked up two frostgrave wizards from northstar minis and a spare Iman just "incase" I needed a extra model!

After last years torney I was pipped to the post by a great looking dwarf army only due to the fluff that the chap had done for it, So after being cheeky and tapping up Dan the Man I had a transcribed letter from my armies "sponsor" that he'd translated into Arabic!

A bit of printing, glue stick and tea bag water I had a aged document ready to go, I deployed the Isla to help me on this bit and she got stuck in!

And the finished item

So this is the whole lot in one fell swoop! a massive project that I've sailed though with no real issues and as a whole collection I've very happy with the overall look! 

 So Game one was against Dan and his undead (only because I got up late and was his lift!)

Game two, Twilight Kin it was a tough game and got my ass handed to me!

Game three was against dwarves and forgot to snap any pics! Good game tough force to play against and the steam tank thing that the dwarves can take is stupidly good!

Game four was against basilens that were sigmarines! and yep you guessed it I was rolled my left flank evaporated as my cav went stomping along the right side, 

 So gaming wise I lost three out of four games and came second from bottom! However I did manage to get best painted army and that's what I was aiming for so I was well chuffed with that and the feedback that I got from the rest of the guys was superb so thank you for all you kind comments as I was getting a kicking throughout the day!

Pikemen and horde of spearmen with some scouts in front

Penitent mob, Arquebusier unit, 2 camel cannons and the other unit of scouts in front 

Second shelf! two units of mounted sergeants

 2 units of heavy cav

General on winged beast, 2 wizards, 1 standard bearer, 2 heros

and the whole lot in all its glory!

So lets talk about the list..

The pikemen did superb and I'll be fielding these as a horde and upgrading to a heavy pike block.
The spear horde was too squishy for my liking and I'll be trying these out as foot guard.
The Arquebusiers performed fine, ranged hitting on 5+ is a bit naff but over all fairly reliable.
The knights were "ok" didn't feel like they hit hard enough, flank charges are certainly the way forward with these its just getting that off!
The mounted sargeants were fairly good and did what I expected.
The Mounted scouts were brilliant and harassed the enemy all day which was sweet.
Cannons were a complete waste of the 170 points I'd rather have a horde of bowmen or madmen on charioteers!
The various heroes were spot on and all performed lovely,

So the inital deflation of getting whupped in every game has got me thinking about the actual units within the KOM list so I'll certainly be trying to tweek these however adding more stuff will be now and then, sfor example fireforge games have got the following coming...

so perfect for a horde of bowmen for example.... and I also found these on the GW website that could be cool for berserkers...

but as the army is "finished" I shouldn't really be looking at more stuff to add to it!

So I'm going to finish off some odds and sods of projects that I've had kicking around for a while and then for the 2016 project I'll be working on one of these....

Bolt action Japanese
Lion rampart Koreans
KOW orc's

add in the fact that I've pledged onto the Macrocosm kickstarter, I should really get some of the digger corps painted!

The next faction that I've pledged to is the gremlins which look wicked!

WIP test sculpt

so if these float your boat get on over and bang some cash down to support this great looking range!