Friday, 30 May 2014

AVANTI SAVOIA!! Bolt Action Italians & getting ready for the expo

After getting ribbed by Kris with regards to collecting Italians and bragging about how the LRDG will "rip me a new one" Kris powered his way though his painting as shown below...

I really like the effort that Kris has made on these guys and make a nice change from the usual West Europe collections that you usually see.

So after a monster assembling session last week on I started on the army, I was going to do a unit at a time however it soon became apparent that I could actually crank these guys out at a rediclous rate of knots! After some late night sessions which is when I'm at my most active due to working perment nights I had all the Italians done and ready to go Scorpion hunting!

Normally I don't go all Gucci on the bases, but with these guys I fancied doing something different,

The 2 squads of normal infantry, I'll run these as regular guys at 10 man size with 1 LMG,

The Command team,

The FAO and the weapons teams

The tiny Semovente 75/48 and a cannone da 105/28 from a chap called Bob Emmerson that I stumbled across on the bolt action facebook page, 

With how I've placed the crew I can also use the 100/17 Modello 14 medium gun that is now available though warlord. Even though they are both classes as medium I'll use the 105/28 as heavy until I can source the right model,

So whilst I've been doing these during the evening, I've been entertaining the GC during the daytime hours and putting the finishing touches to the Saga Expo board, 

We managed to get another big game of Saga sorted as well to iron out some of the kinks from last time and it should run quite smooth!

 If you are going to the Expo come and find us, roll some dice and make us feel special! not too sure where we'll be but look for the nutters in the Phat Cat T-shirts and you'll be sorted!