Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The Anarchy gets a Liebster!

So the Anarchy of Anton has been nominated for a Liebster Award!

The kind chap who nominated me was Tuz from hobby before I die I'll admit I've never stumbled across his blog before, but within moments I'm loving his lay out and the fact that Judge Dredd is featured is an instant win for me! Go check it out you won't be dissapointed.

Part of the "deal" is I now nominate blogs that I enjoy, I've decided to go for the little guys rather than the usual "super blogs" that have thousands of followers.

warp stone flux
This chap gives great reviews on 40K stuff and is currently working his way through the forgeworld horus heresy army lists,

scorpius glc
Also known as Dave from Portal Gaming centre, this blog is a re-launch and the quality of painting is cracking!

gmorts chaotica
This chap blogs at an astounding rate! covering Malifaux as well as warzone well worth a wander over even if its for the themed pictures.

the mountain of metal
Fellow Phat Cat demo team member, when Coops does posts they are of good quality,

Brushes, Bases & Blast Markers
Ali has started to paint his warriors of chaos army for an up and coming torney and doing a cracking job of it

OK, with the nominations complete It's time to answer the questions:

Why did you start blogging?

I bought "Bob" a chaos warhound titan and wanted to do a online diary, after chatting to Chris and getting some "blogging" tips I've winged my way though it so far and inspired a couple of blogs which give me a nice warm feeling inside.
If you could change one thing about the war-gaming hobby, what would it be?

For the hobby to be understood by "normal" people, the fact that the skill and pratice that is needed to paint an army up is astounding, the fact that we socialise face to face rather than though facebook and the like, to show that nothing can be instant gratification and that you have to work towards building your project and in some cases your project never gets completed!

What is best in life?

Nothing like a warm summers day with some cracking food on the BBQ surrounded by good friends & family, munching on food and talking crap.
Do you want to live forever?
Na, I'd go completely mental trying to maintain the "pledge" and with my previous track record with "women" it would make for entertaining times!
Fame or fortune?

Fortune, I sit was watch E! news with Nadine if I get caught off guard, and the people that are "famous" are mainly fuckwits and morons I'm sure some work very hard and all that jazz but the likes of Jordon need shooting.

What miniatures are you most proud of having painted?

wow, that's a toughie! So many models over the years however it has to be my 20mm modern Russians that have been photographed for wargames illustrated following on from the Salute board earlier in the year, other than those anything that bring compliments I feel humbled and proud

How do you deal with burn out?

chop and change projects and play games, the only time I've experienced burn out was with my Dark Angels and I know I'm so close to finishing the 5th company but all that green painted exactly the same way was so boring!

Why is a raven like a writing desk?

I'm not gonna google this as I've no idea...Sometimes you'll spend hours being productive, other times your ideas are nowhere to be seen

Star Wars or Star Trek?
Starwars of course!
If you could only buy from one miniature company from now on, which would it be?

Prodos, having both Warzone & Aliens verses Predator, now that the initial issues are out of the way the quality of the models are truly amazing and added to the fact that they are really nice chaps who enjoy the hobby.

What is your favourite takeaway?

Jungle Paprika, with the permanent night shift that I do these guys do some of the best food I've tasted, and I've tried alot of fast food in the past two years!!