Friday, 6 June 2014

UK Games Expo 2014

The Vikings came and caused mayhem!

Even though I've set up the table a couple of times, I mocked it up with Isla and had a play about with the overall look, 

Last year the booking in process was a bit of a nightmare, however this year it was smooth as silk, and Mick had put us next to the pool again so we had a great view for two days ;)

the table did attract a fair few comments, however it was a struggle to try and get people to play, lots of them interested on how saga worked but not much willingness to pick up some dice and have a crack,

The attendees over the weekend were around the 10,000 people and these guys consumed a mere 1200 pizza's!

the size of the show compared to the previous years that I've attended has grown to an amazing size, the fact that its a 2 dayer is good and the atmosphere is superb and within a couple of years I'll be taking Isla & Jake to get there geek on, as I found Isla had nabbed my 7th Ed picture book,

and the deamons got lots off "oohhh" so my work is done here with regards to the corruption to the dark side! 

the best place for this!

for once I didn't take that many pics as it was mainly trade stands and demo board games, apart from the Phat cats there were 3 other table top games and I was so busy faffing around with the vikings and chatting to people I didn't snap any pictures of there boards!

but I did manage these,

I stumbled into this room and it was where all the torneys were going on, a huge room! 

 the cosplayers? had a funky stand and this caught my eye,

 some great looking sith chaps,

and Dan managing to peg one.. 

so the haul from the weekend was a loa of brotherhood for warzone,

and as usual the quaility is superb!

I also wandered over to forgeworld and picked up the two army lists books for horus heresy,

I'm in two minds what to do with this though, but I'm thinking of proxing as a marine is a marine!

I'm looking forward to see if we can do another table for 2015, but not too sure what the table could be, could be really lazy and do firestorm armada or xwing.