Monday, 30 June 2014

All quiet on the martian front, how to paint the humans

So it was bound to happen.....

new game, new models and some hobby time resulted in the starter set for the humans being painted.

so from this to...

to this...

so how did I get this lot painted so fast?

well here's my "how to"

start off with priming your entire army with army painter army green,

do the rucksack, webbing and gas mask pouch in German beige vallejo 70821

London grey vallejo 70836 for the roll over the top of the rucksack,

whilst the London grey is still wet on your tile bang some black into it and do the gas mask

bestial brown or flat brown 70984 for the boots and the wood bits of the gun,

pic out the metal on the gun and the flesh on the hands,

strong tone quick shade from army painter, then sit back and let the voodoo magic happen!

so on to the armour....

again army green undercoat

sponge/stipple the tank with charadon granite / German grey 70995

the do the same with gun metal grey 70863 and whilst you have it open do the tracks at the same time,

then hit the tanks with quick shade, now you'll notice the ones on the left are done with soft tone leaving a more greeny look and the ones on the right are done with strong tone making it look more olive ww2 style, I'm more leaning towards the soft tone finish as its more ww1 type paint scheme.

so some close ups of the force I've put together,

so points wise that's a mere 535 points, with a basic tri-pod coming it at 200 points you get alot of models for the humans however I've a feeling that these guys will die in droves!

I've a demo night planned at the Leicester Phats cats on the 31st July kicking off at 20:00, so if your about pop on over and give it a crack!

so how has this affected the "pledge" well its taking a kicking as expected so the scores on the doors!

bought - 113
painted - 42
difference -71 (oh dear!)

I'm awaiting on a new can of army green to continue with the humans then it'll be time to step up the pace as with the orks codex now being available I've now got storm boys and bike chaps on the way I'll be focusing on the brotherhood for warzone and I'm in the process of finishing of the behemoth for the legion

so as usual thoughts and comments are welcome,