Friday, 4 July 2014

30k on the cheap?

I've been pondering over 30K for a while now and I've got the opportunity with the guys over at Portal being heavily into this I'm looking to do a slow grow project with a loyalist emperors children force.

The only thing that has been preventing me from actually going whole hog on this period is the number of players in the area and the actual cost of models, however I have stumbled on a "alternative" source of models all the way from naughty china in the form of Ali express.

As a test order I ordered some mk5 tactical marines to see what they were like,

overall I'm quite impressed, as a start these guys will be a test paint scheme that I'll slot in amoungst all the other projects that I've going on the go at the moment!

Now I'm sure we've all got a certain level of morals when it comes to this kind of thing however as unit fillers then these are perfect.

Would you buy these though or pay the full price for forgeworld?