Friday, 18 July 2014

Warzone - Brotherhood "finished"

A couple of weeks ago I did a test paint for my brotherhood army that I picked up at Expo at the end of May,

well in true Anton fashion I've got the whole lot painted!

So your looking at 2 starter sets, a unit of Sacred warriors and a unit of Valkyries,

I've had excellent feedback with regards to the grey and red colour scheme and now that the whole army is done I'm really chuffed with them and they'll catch loads of attention at the Portal demo day on the 2nd Aug

The judicators in the different load outs that you can take in the game.

two of the four inquisitors, these were great to paint, not quite sussed them out gaming wise yet but with some more pratice I'm sure it'll click!

A close up of the Valkyries, really nice models to paint and gaming wise they are not too shabby either,

and finally the sacred warriors these nutters are superb! great sculpts and a pleasure to paint, however on the table these guys are rock solid and lift their robes up and flash the enemy before beating them to death!

all of this lot comes to about 1000 points, I'm going to have to double up the trooper units though as you can only have 4 troops in a FOC, as with Laura the Valkyries become troops.

After a bit of pondering and wanting to be able to have some variety with the brotherhood I've ordered two Crucifiers as my lord choices and with the new build your own hero PDF these can be warlords as well.

I also picked up a couple of squads of mortifcators as the rules for these are pure filth and will have Rob moaning till the cows come home!

and because it'd be wrong not to I've ordered another squad of sacred warriors with one of them destined to become a warlord again from the build your hero PDF.

So if you want to see these guys in the flesh and are around the Burton upon Trent area on the 2nd Aug myself & Lee with his fantastic looking imperial will be demoing all day.


  1. Looking great! I think the red on the Scred Warriors could use a little more shading, but otherwise they look awesome all around!

    1. thanks for the honest feedback, I'll give another pin wash to define the armour a bit more,

  2. They look stunning alltogether!
    Any chance to see some oldie Brotherhood lead from under your brush?

    1. thanks! I've none of the old school warzone models to be honest, if I found some cheap enough then sure but the new sculpts are lovely to work on!