Monday, 7 July 2014

Warzone Brotherhood paint scheme

Way back at the end of May at the Expo I picked up a significant amount of brotherhood for warzone, reasons for the new faction pick up was the new resculpts and I'm not really feeling the cybertronic.

so as a test paint I put the following unit up on the warzone facebook page,

warzone page

The feedback I got was awesome with loads of positive feedback and spotted a comment from a chap called Andy and thought I'd do him a step by step to show that anyone can achieve the above paint scheme.

So enough whaffling onto the show!

so I started with halfords grey primer, I don't normally use grey but a fellow blogger and friend uses it all the time so I figured I'd give it ago,

Start of with a wash of quickshade darktone, I went for two coats in the end. 

then vallejo london grey 70836 on the edges for a harsh highlight, it matched the grey primer, if you go a tad oot with the edging then simply put some watered down wash on the area or rub it off with your thumb whilst its wet,

Then vallejo dark red 70946 on the jumpsuit, knees pads and shoulder pads,

once that's dry hit the red areas with vallejo 70957

then a soft quickshade on the red, this helps bring the red out,

then re-highlight with the flat red, and paint the eye visor as well,

paint the gun black,

gunmetal grey vallejo 70863 on the gun, just picking out the edges I was quite rough with mine though.

dark quickshade on the gun and the gloves, pick out the symbols with ivory vallejo 70918

and that's basically it!

As I was doing the step by step I did the rest of the troopers as you can see in the back ground, these will be posted up once all the brotherhood are done.

I've also managed to get accepted onto the Prodos Crusader program so I'm aiming to get these done for the demo day at Portal Gaming in August date TBC stay tuned for more details!