Friday, 27 June 2014

Bolt Action Italians "finished" and trip to Portal Gaming centre

So a couple of weeks ago a couple of chaps from Portal Gaming Centre wandered over to the Phat Cats for some gaming, I managed to get a intro/demo of 2nd Ed malifaux and really enjoyed it so I'm going to pick up a crew and see if I can get some games in either at Phat cats or Portal,

so I decided to return the favour and drag Kris over with me along with the Italians to get some bolt action loving going!

now I didn't manage to take a single picture of the game as I was whaffling so much to the portal guys however I did have the upper hand over Kris' LRDG/8th Army mix,

however I did manage one picure of the gaming centre, which I was really impressed by and the hourish drive is well worth it, and if your in the Burton area its well worth a visit!

So onto the Italians, and the 1000 points is done and dusted and I'm now looking to expand to a whopping 2K!