Monday, 12 May 2014

Warzone - Lets get it on!

Recently I've gone onto summer shift at work which means I have more time with the GC and more evening free for getting my geek on.

I'm quite lucky as Nadine doesn't mind me going out to play games, just means she gets to watch what she likes on the box!

So recently I've been dabbling with warzone and wild west exodus. With warzone Rob has given me some great games and we've been learning the more detailed rules together.

So with the legion all lined up nice and pretty there was to be nothing stubble about this battle plan!

however neither was robs!

with some chaps in the centre, name escapes me as they all look the same to be honest! I'll call these cannon fodder unit one! a bunch of guys in reserve and some hiding in trees further up the board.

and on my left flank some dodgy named purple sharks, I've been playing slannesh for far too long!

Rob got very excited as he killed 1 legionnaire, that's just one I might add! as the night went on and the body count increased it was very amusing to see him react in this way as I stayed cool as a cucumber as I took his force apart!

so top of turn one not alot had happened, just some shifting towards the objectives,

Rob has quite Strong feelings towards my razman and threw quite a few shots at him, but the way that I look at it of he's shooting the razman them the rest of the guys have free reign!

so a couple of turns in and objectives were being secured, the purple sharks were down thanks to the flamethrowers in the legionnaire squad and a final finish off from the necro beast rider the left flank was secure and the objective is sight!

Rob however rapid inserted some more blue looking chaps, and I managed to play a card that prevented them from shooting the missile launchers when they landed, the razman was gone by this point and the necromutants were taking heavy fire effectively holding up my entire right flank!

Until big bob blasted them and that left my centre unit of legionaries looking quite vulnerable!

Rob had managed to grab an objective and was making a run for it, until the necrobeast rider came out of no where and cut him in half with a burst of machine pistol fire!

The game ended with the legionaries trying to get off the board with the objective and the rapid insertion chaps taking pop shots and slowly dropping them, Gorgotha had made it into bases to base with Bob and trying to sell him D20's that wouldn't roll critical  fumbles and end his activation!

The result was a partial win to the legion, only just I might add!