Monday, 26 May 2014

Bolt Action the Italians have arrived & the pledge

So after finally sorting out an 1000 point army list and ordering the models from warlord they turned up, took a while but that didn't bother me as I has plenty of bits and bobs to keep me busy.

so the army list consists of,

HQ Regular 2nd Lt and one additional chap
FAO Regular and one additional chap

Infantry Section Regular + 5 men & LMG
Infantry Section Regular + 5 men & LMG
Bersaglieri Section + 4 men & 2 LMG's
Bersaglieri Section + 4 men & 2 LMG's

Machine gun team Regular
Anti-tank rifle Regular
Medium mortar team Regular & Spotter
Medium arty regular & Spotter

Semovente 75/18 Regular

and this is what that lot looks like straight from the postman only onr problem is that the Bersaglieri can with the wrong heads, I'm still awaiting a response from warlord but I'll simply give them a ring at some point. 

now the age old debate between myself and Kris has come up with how to paint the Italians, and I wasn't really feeling the desert khaki colour so I'm looking at the grey uniform that they had,

to actually paint these in grey would be really easy and I'm planning on using panzer grey from plastic soldier company so the base colour would be done, pick out the bits and bobs, quick wash, rehighlight and boom job done.

So onto the pledge...

Bought - 88
Painted -79
Differance -9

with the Italians arriving in force midway through the month its forced me to step up the pace and I've managed to get quite a bit done for the Italians, so the dent in the pleadge isn't huge however I'm confident that I'll recover this back in June as I've not really got anything on the gaming radar that is taking my fancy.

2014 Goals

4x4 old west/wild west exodus board - still outstanding i.e. not even started!
4x4 Jungle board - is now 99% finished, just waiting for the radio tower to turn up

Finish off some projects:
Cybertronic for warzone - Done
Enforcers for deadzone - Done
Terrain for deadzone - Done 
Enlightened & Outlaws for WWX - in progress....
Zee dreadball team - still outstanding
Malifaux Gremlins - still outstanding
Plague reaper for 40K escalation - still outstanding
Orks for 40K (not finish but do enough for 2K) - on the table ready to go after the saga expo board!
 Finish off the 5th Company including the drop pods - still outstanding
Orcnar for Relics - still outstanding

New systems & Projects that I've not kickstarted:
Judge Dredd -  Have the rulebook, but no interest at the moment within the gaming club
Muskets & Tomahawks - Have the rulebook, but no interest at the moment within the gaming club
Italians for boltaction - models bought and on the painting table!

The goals have ground to a halt recently, so I'm going to make an effort to work on some of these for the next couple of months, which ones I'm not sure to be honest!