Monday, 19 May 2014

Convergence reinforcements

No sooner had I finished the previous batch of Convergence models the next wave of reinforcements landed in my lap,

So your looking at conservator heavy vector, a combat heavy chap with armour 20 as long as he's got both his arms however he does have an anger management problem with hand of vengeance.

next up is the optifex directive, three chaps armed with screw drivers and swiss army knives. So maybe not the most effective combat unit but these guys are great for buffing both units and vectors and can repair vectors as well.
One thing I did notice on the repair text is each model can repair so if your feeling lucky and roll low enough you could get 3D6 damage points back add that with the forge masters skill and that's an additional D3 damage points back.

and finally you have the transverse enumerator, a unit attachment that armed with a screw driver and a blow torch, again this guy can repair vectors and gives some great buffs to units that he joins, not sure if you can join a unit give them some buffs then run off and repair a vector though?

so the latest lot in a group shot, the red with the bronze works really well on the robed infantry and do remind me of the mechanicum from 40K

it was totally unintentional however it suits the back ground of the cyriss really well!

So with these lot done its off to sort out the next batch fairly soon, so I've now hit 38 points of cyriss enough to give me a decent game.