Thursday, 8 May 2014

Rebooting the Convergence of Cyriss

A while back I painted up the battle box for the Convergence and as usual they collected dust whilst sat on my shelf for quite a few months.

With the vengence release a month or so ago I thought I'd give these guys a run out and see how they played at my local shop, I only managed to get one game in and I enjoyed the way that they play however Spencer didn't ;)

so after watching the original unboxing and tactic's guide on beasts of war I picked up some more bits and bobs and rebooted the convergence,

I picked up another light vector the Diffuser

I managed to snap off one of the arms whilst dry brushing but didn't bother sticking it back on for that "battle worn" look, I also need to touch up the red around the lens.

This is quite a funky support vector and buffs charges against what ever it hits so very useful

I picked up some units as well the first being the Recipocators

these guys have a massive 8 wounds each and if you shield wall them your looking at armour 20, on top of that you can repair these as well!

the other unit was Reductors

Armed with a spray weapon that can't damage your own models due to clear, well that's alright in my book and it happens to be a pow 13 spray as well!

All I need to do is get a few games in so that I can see how they work on the field and then continue the expansion of these guys, I've been quite restrained as I've not bought too much at the same time so that I can paint as I go along which isn't like me at all!

so the Convergance so far,

I've painted the newer stuff slighty differant as I've hightlighted after the wash and I'll be revisiting the orginal battle box to do the same.