Friday, 29 April 2011

Malifaux Commission Done & April Month end

So after blasting out the Epic marines earlier in the week I figured I should really finish off the Malifaux crew that I decided to take on and I have to say that I really enjoyed painting this lot, to the point where I spent quite a bit of time on them but it didn't feel like a chore!

So the complete crew

Lady Justice,  I might do the hair with a bit more brown in it but I'll see what the customer says on that one,  I went for the pistols with pearl handles rather than the normal brown ones for something a bit different

The Judge, I was dreading doing the cloak on this model but ended up looking nice in the end

And the rest you've already seen, pictures arn't as crisp as normal though need to faff around with my camera me thinks! 

So onto the "pledge"

Well I was expecting salute to blow it completely out of the water but I'm quite surprised how well I've done this month,

Bought          162

Painted          131

Difference      -31

ok so unless I can get 32 models painted in a day which isn't going to happen I fell just short but I'm still quite chuffed that I managed over a ton again!

So far I've managed to paint 435 models since January comparing that to this time last year when I'd managed 139 I've really stepped up the pace with regards to painting big units namely for Napoleon and the recent celts I've picked up for Hail Caesar, but I think the actual thing that keeps my mojo going is a bit of variety model scale and system wise as well as trying to keep the blog updated once a week with something new to put on it.