Thursday, 5 May 2011

Nurgle Firepower..... dreadnought style

Well this has to be a first...

I've said I'm going to actually do something and I have!

The pair of nurgle dreadnoughts are done, I've used the same tried and tested technique that I used for the whole of the deathguard army and they look pretty sweet, I'll admit I was a little worried that they might turn out paints as there isn't that much "green" armour compared to normal marines so I decided to go down a brass route for most of the metal and throw in the odd boltgun metal bit to break it up.

the banner on the converted dreadnought I've left blank but I'm thinking maybe 13 in roman numerals on one side and a off set chaos star on the other in a nice contrasting colour but we'll see what happens with that,

 anyway enough of the whaffling..

the "boys"

 the business end, loads of detail on these forgeworld models and great fun to paint

does my bum look big in this? 

The power claw on this is really nice, 

and even with the pooling of the inks it adds to the decayed look of nurgle, result!

so off to a pretty good start towards "the pledge" with the flying skip getting its MOT this month the likely hood of it actually passing is slim to none, so no shiney new models for me me thinks unless I either win the lottery or some one asks me for some more commission work!

But on a positive note that'll put well back on track for the last couple of months and with Abbadon, The cutlass gang on the painting table they shouldn't take too long to sort out, along with the looming target date of June for my first game of hail Caesar I need to crank out some celts too!

Could be a busy month!

And finally Happy birthday to my little sister!! (because she reads my blog apparently!)

(this was a long long time ago!!) Hence the slimness of us both!