Friday, 6 May 2011

Me Stylish? Oh go on then put a cherry in my pint!

Well bugger me!

For what ever reason Suneokun over at pathfinder deems my blog to be stylish, (too much free cash though, well that'd be the international gun running that I do at the weekends) well thats awfually nice old chap! ;)

The Stylish Blogger Award (given from one blogger to another, one might say), is like a pat on the back for a good job. It's definitely a viral, zombie-like spread of good will so it's too good to pass up. The best bit is I get to nominate my own choices, too...

There are four 'rules':

-- Thank and link back to the person giving you the award (see above)
-- Share seven things about yourself
-- Select 10-15 blogs who you think deserve this award
-- Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award

Seven things about me.... that can be told to the general public...

1, I served time with the TA 7th Royal Anglain regiment Assault Pioneer platoon translating that into "normal" mean I have a really strange fetish for barbed wire, field fortication, explosivesand booby traps as well as being able to amuse many people with stories from back in the day!

2, I'm a gaming whore!! If I like the look of a system of a single model I'll go into "mental" mode and pick up stuff even before playing a single game!

3, Every single system that I play I like to be the "bad guys" if its taliban for ambush alley, Chaos for 40K, Orc's for fantasty Celts for hail caesar, French for black powder... you get the idea!

4, I love smoking shisha! discovered this in ejypt with one of my many ex-girl friends and recently a shisha cafe has opened up round the courner from my house, I'll be the token white man in there!

5, I enjoy Airsoft alot! nothing like running well more jogging for me around a fibua village or woodland site and blating the be-jesus outta people with my RPK

6,  I worked for GW back in the hayday when epic wasn't a mail order only specialist system 40K made sense and you could have grenades and all that jazz and fantsasty well I never was bother by that! so my gaming knowalge is bloody scarey, added to the fact that I seem to be able to remember rules for systems that I only play once in a blue moon but not to put the wheelie bin out on a wednesday night does concern me some what?

7, I picked up best painted fleet at a mongoose B5 torney when I first started playing it and I was quite chuffed with that, but last year I picked up best sportsman at the UK warmachine nationals which was really good!!

So Blogs that I like to follow/read, now in no particluar order...

Aria at paintingmum  really nice painting and goes into alot of detail with how she does certain techniques, only if I had the skill eh...

Darksol at All things 40K great step by steps for all sorts of stuff, simple to follow but with cracking results,

Andy at Another slight diversion a manly napolonic and cold war commander blog, the amount of historical stuff that this guy has painted is mind blowing and the battle reports of his games are really nice as well!

Ron at from the warp a cornerstone of the 40K blogging scene, nice chap and bloody good painter!

Jon at jons wargames minis posts really random armies up but I like the quirky really old school models that he uses, good knows how much he's got in his stock pile!

Sgt Scream at small scale operations its all about force on force and I like it! ok 20mm isn't something I do but its nice to read and does tempt me over and over again to change scale

Neil at troop of shewe pro painted armour? oh yes please! makes me want to get an airbrush but I carn't really be arsed with all the faffing about ;)

JabberJabber at warpstone flux loads of chaos, loads of deamons enough said, man after my own heart! we should start a online campaign for the next chaos codex!

And finally

Chris at pathfinder bangs on about guard way too much for my liking! but I like to wind him up now and then he normally responds by asking for a game and rolling me!

so there go, have a look at the above and enjoy!

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