Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Well that sucks balls!

I like to "wander" around various sites for all my gaming news and catch up...

And the world is on fire with regards to GW!

So its starts with the "resin" that is replacing the metal line so a sneaky price increase on the "new" releases,

The the Aussies and there neighbours (get it ;) ) get shafted with the limit on European retailers not being able to sell to there countries,

THEN a price increase in a couple of weeks.

I do feel sorry for those people out there who have limited funds to get there plastic crack and in some ways I can see this impacting the "noobs" as the price goes up are parent really going to shell out that kinda money for models? 

So what to do??

well as my chaos & deamons are at crazy points I'm alright as I don't have to buy ought for those armies apart from forgeworld if I'm feeling really flush! as for the dark eldar I'm now in two minds what to do with them, i.e. keep em or flog em, and with the up and coming necrons well they can stay in there shiny new packaging...

Its quite sad really as I've been "into" the hobby for the best part of 20 years and have enjoyed it but with all the other companies that are out there (battlefront, warlord, privateer, mantic etc..) I can see myself leaning towards those with regards to new purchases rather than GW.

So I suppose it comes down to either man up, or bail??

what are your thoughts and feelings on this? 


  1. I agree it is hard to 'sell' the games to the uninitiated. A few years ago, I let a couple friends use my models to play a game. Everyone had a lot of fun and one of the guys said, " what would it cost to buy this army you let me borrow new?". At the time it would have been about $150 for the small Tyranid army. He was done after that. Now with prices rising all the time, it is really only for those truly dedicated.
    I don't understand the whole Australia hate either. Don't they fall under the Queen's reign? Did they do something to upset the English? More than us Americans?

  2. I guess I misunderstood. They dislike us all the same amount. I don't understand why they should care what happens to the models after they sell them. So someone has a business model that allows them to make a profit selling a lot of models at a discount. Why should they stop it as long as GW is selling models? Totally confused. Lets see what The War Store says about the whole deal. Maybe it is just restricting European stores from reselling to other parts of the world. still the question is WHY?

  3. Because GW gets plenty of feedback from brick and mortar stores which complain about being unable to compete with online retailers. despite what most folks believe, the B&M stores are still a vital component in GW's success. They provide playing space and the ever important 'free advertising' for the product. Without B&M stores showing their wares GW would dry up and blow away even with the volume of online sales. Since B&M can't compete with the deep discounts online retailers can offer they threaten to not carry product if GW doesn't clamp down on the online sales. With shipping costs being what they are today I'm not surprised by this at all. Why buy locally when I can get it cheaper even with the shipping offset from overseas? Doesn't make good business sense for GW to anger their larger retailer base.

  4. Hi Guys,

    I live in Australia and the problem is the normal retail price is cheaper than in Australia. Even with postage costs it is still cheaper to order from overseas than buy locally.

    GW will not reduce their wholesale prices to reflect the current exhange rate and their answer is to block Australians and New Zealanders (Amongst other countries) from buying overseas.

    Seriously why should we pay twice the retail price compared to other countries.

    Other COmpanies have no trouble with the exchange rate over here, just GW.

    I have been playing since Rogue Trader was first released and have played all the GW game systems. Their price increases have me playing more Historical games and other fantasy/sci-fi games because I can afford them and they are often just as good.

    GW makes a great product but their business ethics leave a lot to be desired.

    They made a loss with the Lord of The Rings range but bought the licence to prevent another company from getting it. Then they pass on the costs to us.

    I have not problem at all with price increases and inflation. Some of the latest price rises in the US are around 20% up to the highest at 60%.

    Since they never miss a country with price rises I am sure Australia will be next in line.

    Sorry guys but I am furious.

    We even get mothers in our local gaming store to buy starter kits (Assault on Black Reach/WHFB) for their kids but as soon as they see the price ......

    I even submitted a petition last year to Games Workshop Australia to ask for help for our Local Stores with the exchange rate which was passed onto UK GW Sales Reps in Australia at the time.

    This must be their "Solution". I offered a number of feasible suggestions and was fed a line of BS. When I spoke with GW's Trade Sales Manager for Australia and submitted the petition I did not rant and was polite.

    Feel like we are being done over here by GW.

    I do believe in Karma though :)

    Sorry for the rant guys. Still fuming at the news.

    Happy Gaming,


  5. Here here ... GW cannot justify their prices and the chicken is finally coming home to roost. Doesn't matter how 'cool' your new release is. Nids/Orks and DEldar are a bust and with price hikes you'll see more and more 'counts as' armies running random space marines.

    As an established player with 4 armies I'm not worried. I haven't bought a GW model in 6 months and I'm thoroughly enjoying infinity/cutlass etc.

    Additionally, with the 'buy new' price hike, it'll be interesting to see the ebay inflation of second hand. I feel for the guys in Oz, that 'solution' feels wrong. GW, get it straight - you're behaving like a Gas giant, but you sell plastic men. Where's the value?

  6. Being located in Australia, it has been and will continue to be very hard to justify walking in to a store to make an (impulse) purchase. I think Allan summed up the feeling Down Under well. Enough said.

  7. There are so many second-hand marines and alternatives I do not see the need to keep buying from GW. I can get Mantic figures for 50p each if I want massed troops.

    Workshop's attitude of "We are the Ferrari of toy soldiers, so pay for the brand name" does not cut it for me.