Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Well that sucks balls!

I like to "wander" around various sites for all my gaming news and catch up...

And the world is on fire with regards to GW!

So its starts with the "resin" that is replacing the metal line so a sneaky price increase on the "new" releases,

The the Aussies and there neighbours (get it ;) ) get shafted with the limit on European retailers not being able to sell to there countries,

THEN a price increase in a couple of weeks.

I do feel sorry for those people out there who have limited funds to get there plastic crack and in some ways I can see this impacting the "noobs" as the price goes up are parent really going to shell out that kinda money for models? 

So what to do??

well as my chaos & deamons are at crazy points I'm alright as I don't have to buy ought for those armies apart from forgeworld if I'm feeling really flush! as for the dark eldar I'm now in two minds what to do with them, i.e. keep em or flog em, and with the up and coming necrons well they can stay in there shiny new packaging...

Its quite sad really as I've been "into" the hobby for the best part of 20 years and have enjoyed it but with all the other companies that are out there (battlefront, warlord, privateer, mantic etc..) I can see myself leaning towards those with regards to new purchases rather than GW.

So I suppose it comes down to either man up, or bail??

what are your thoughts and feelings on this?