Friday, 1 April 2011

CY6 battle report & new banner

So after a brief AGM at the club last night and for not wanting to let all my previous hard work go down the pan I stepped up as secretary for the Leicester Phat Cats.. back into the breech as they say...

Then it was on to GM a game of CY6 as the British tried once more to stem the tide of Germans...

I choose the Tally Ho mission from the Battle of Britain book, but was two Ju-88's, 1 He-110C and 1 Hurricane short mainly down to the lack of flying bases that I'm awaiting from forgeworld but that was no biggie to be honest.

So the set up:

Nick rolled nice and came in behind the bomber formation the other were closing fast.... 

wider shot whilst the chaps were plotting there moves

So the initial shots were from Nick and damaged both me-109's causing airframe damage, but the He-110's wouldn't come down until someone had taken a shot at one of the bombers,

as the rest of the hurricanes closed on the Ju-88's some fancy maneuvers from Stef controlling the 109's to try and shake Nick off his tail, but did lose one in the second turn of shooting.

One of the guys decided to open up on the bomber formation and the 110's controlled by Sonny dropped out of the sun and pounced on the British. 

it started getting very messy very quick! with one of Nick's  Hurricanes running out of ammo so dropped out of the fight and Sonny nailing a Hurricane, but the damage was done with two Ju-88's going down into the drink.

One of the many funny moments of the game was when Dave managed to get a critial hit on a bomber and debris came flying off and nearly took him out!

The British managed a convincing win 25 victory points to the Germans 5.

This game we used the ammo rules as well as tailing and I'm still impressed how quick the turns are played even with this amount of planes on the table, but next time we play should be after salute and I'll have plenty of fighters so the bombers will stay in the case and its gonna get dirty with 109's all over the British!

I've also started a recording what the players are achieving...

So these are the rankings so far..

Lee & Nick with 3 kills each
Spencer & Dave with two kills each

Who's gonna be the first to get to 5 and get promoted to a skilled pilot??

The new banner has come from Stef, who was bored at work and decided to "just knock it up" lovely!