Friday, 25 March 2011

March Update..

I know its been a while, the guys at the club keep reminding me..

So what have been splashing paint on?

Well I did a couple of cannons for Blackpowder, then decided to blast out some mantic zombies for malifaux, now don't get me wrong the wyrd miniatures are super nice but £9 for 3, errr no thanks as 6 would bet me a box of 30 mantic ones!

I was a bit sceptical with buying these as the elves were a little "thin" but most of the undead range looked quite tasty, I've about 16 left over so I'll bang those into the bits box of doom and rediscover them in about 2 years!

I painted these pretty much how I did the death guard a couple of years ago, deathguard magic,

kinda reminds me of various ex's... ;)

saying that I've a feeling that my chaos will be dusted off as the grey knights are about to land Spencer is starting to froth slightly about dreadknights and all that jazz, I'm even going to get the daemons boots muddy and see how good they really are, I know I'll get my ass handed to me but hey its gonna be an epic showdown....

So as real-life has been the usual action packed pace, I've not really managed to get any games in so just been painting like a Duracell bunny, it started with check your 6 and the battle of Britain battle pack that I got from raiden miniatures linky link so I finished off the Germans and the English

so some Bf 110-c's 

some Bf 109e's

and the British, 3 Spitfire1's and 3 hurricane 1's 

Now there is a bit of a debate with regards to what model company to go for as I've got most of my stuff from Raiden miniatures I've got as much as can from them, but Dave "the madman" is oping for Heroic and Ross Linky link now the difference is price isn't that much a fighter will cost on average £1.10 from Raiden and about 60p from H&R, but have a look at the following..

A zero and a D.520 straight out of the baggy

I'll let you work out which one each company does...

And talking about Dave "the madman" he's managed to accumulate 54 allied fighters already! and as I'm on my yearly pilgrimage to Salute next month I've already had a shopping list from him for 16 B-17's!! looks like I'd better get me hands on some ME262's

So what else I hear you mumble..

One of the other chaps at the club has kinda lost the love for warmachine after OD'ing on it and wanted to play something else and like a Phoenix from the flames, Flames of war is go! I've always played the Germans from 1st edition mid-war and fancied something a little different so decided to go for the British and as my grandad was in the infantry I decided to make them Italian veterans however only after getting all the bits and bobs sorted out did I find out that he landed at Anzio and fought in operation shingle, I really want to find out to what extent his involvement was but don't wish to make him re-live some of the horrors of what he saw so a real catch 22 situation...

anyhow I asked one of the lads to come up with an army list for me as I'm shockingly bad at doing FOW lists and this was the following for about a 1000 points.

Infantry Rifle Company:
Rifle Platoon with 3 squads
Rifle Platoon with 2 squads

Anti-tank platoon with 2 sections
Mortar platoons with 2 sections
Carrier platoon 1 section upgraded to wasp's
Machine-gun platoon 2 sections with MMG carriers
Heavy mortar platoon with 2 sections
Air observation post

at first I was a bit undecided about the list but as I read through the turning the tide book the more I like it the mortars along with the AOP get to re-roll on the first ranging in and on the third ranging in! sounds super cheeky to me ;)

so in the usual "Anton" way I decided to paint all the cool stuff first them do the boring infantry company last!
The pictures might be a bit iffy as my camera decided to run out of juice so these are taken off my phone

Wasp carriers

HMG platoon with carriers

mortar platoon

heavy mortar platoon

group shot

so not bad for a couple of weeks work so far just the finial push with the six pounders, AOP and the infantry company and the jobs a good un! then expand the army to 1500, and 2000 points and I've a finished army something that I don't think I've ever achieved?

I also decided to treat myself I saw Dustin at the shop had bought a new lamp for the painting table and after playing around with it and all that decided to get my hands on one,

Now in a real super-geek way I was actually quite excited about this and to no surprise my other half really wasn't interested so I didn't mention how much it cost...

If your interested have a look at now depending on how much painting you actually do will depend if you can justify the price, personally I thought screw it the lamps that I've been using are well over 10 years old and well why not ;)

The pledge is looking nice and healthy this month with being in the black and making up for the shortfall from January with the Napoleonic stuff and the usual model frenzy of Salute will no doubt push the "machine" into overdrive as Hail Caesar is looking like its gonna happen which nicely flows into...

I've got a "how to" coming up that involves crazy bearded men with swords and army dip, so keep an eye out if you've always wondered how it works and what a complete noob can do with this stuff..

comments welcome as always,