Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Celt Skirmishers, Commission work, Epic & countdown to Salute 2011!

So after the success of the test with the army painter dip I decided to crack on with the skirmishers for the Celt army that I'm going to use to crush Lee's gay Romans...

 I managed to do this lot in a couple of days and decided to keep with the rag-tag feel of the warriors that I'd done previously.

Close up there not that "pretty" but as a whole unit they look quite spiffing!
I'll look to field them as two skirmish units but once I get my hands on the rule book I'll see what options I have.

About a month ago I was taking some of the guys at the shop through Maulifaux and made a joke comment to Kurt about painting his stuff for the "right price" and the usual gay jokes prevailed, Dave then approached me on the same night asking if I'd paint his new crew as a commission previously I'd done Danny's everblight to help him out for the warmachine nationals last year and seemed to be quite happy with the out come,

This is to be my first "proper" commission so the models arrived earlier this week and looked like

the brief is to paint them as they are on the wyrd miniatures website and give the death marshalls black coats as they look very "matrix style"  with there poses, I started on the coffins as I've not done wood for ages and figured I might as well dive in feet first

I'm quite happy with these and once I've had a look on the net to see how the rest of the models should look I'll carry on over the remainder of this week, but there's no real rush as I've 6 weeks to get these done before Dave comes back to Leicester and I figured I painted a whole load of French in about the same time these can have a little extra work on them to make them look super cool!

There has been some interest recently at the shop in playing epic and after an initial resistance to another system but after digging through my space marines painted up as space wolves I decided to do a bad thing and agree to join in the fun!

Myself and Spencer organised a game last minute and with neither of us playing for about 4 years decided to get some practice in to try and remember how the system played, it was going to be the classic face off between dark angels and the wolves at 2000 points,

Now I thought I didn't get a great deal with

2 Assault units with commanders mounted in a thunderhawk
1 tactical unit with a dreadnought & vindicator
1 Devastator unit with two dreadnoughts and a landraider
1 Predator unit
1 whirlwind unit

I was facing:
2 Tactical units
1 whirlwind unit
1 Deathwing terminator unit with commander
1 Reaver titan

so the game started like...

And Kurt had to get in on the action ;)

Still the same turn trying to suss out the rules! 

The view of the devastator unit seeing that huge hunk of metal about to blow it to kingdom come! 

And thats where the pictures stop as we plough through the turns and Spencer being the sneaky git that he is deep strikes his terminator behind the devastator gun line and wiped them out to a man!

I returned the favour and the gunship with the assault marines came out of no where to try and secure one of my objectives which the succeeded in doing and a last minute dash from the tactical marines secured Spencer's objective with the titan sitting on the other one it was in the bag for Spencer!

so following that cracking game, I went on a bit of a dig and got these lot ready to go, a mere 750 points worth of space marine killy goodness...

I'm also gearing myself up for the yearly pilgrimage to Salute, should be a good one this year with myself, Lee, Chris and Nick going down, not as many as last year but regardless it'll be a laugh, the shopping list is quite hefty and I'm looking to pick up a Celt army for hail Caesar as well as the book from the show that I've preordered from warlord games and I'll see if I can find Rick Priestley so that he can scribble in it for me ;)

I'll take my camera so that I can get plently of funky pic's and get them posted once I get back/sobered up!

Other bits that I would like to "look at" would be:

The Merc's game thats been floating around for a while
Force on force
Future war commander - maybe as an alternative to epic, I've been reading the cold war commander rules and they look really good!
6mm modern stuff and 15mm modern stuff
Hit the bring and buy to see if there is any epic stuff in there

Talking of looking for epic is there anyone out there looking to shift some of there old stuff? if so drop us a comment in the box and we can discuss prices etc..