Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Marines prepare to serve your emperor.... Or Just good old Epic!

Now I'm not talking about.....

And BOOM like a blast from the past I caved in and decided to join in a local campaign that a couple of the guys from the club are going to be running,

So after a little digging about I found my marines from about 4 girlfriends ago, all I needed to do was finish off two forgeworld warhounds that I'd had for what seems like forever and as I was on the hunt for bits and bobs.
I stumbled across a box that I'd bought from a chap in the states with shag loads of various bits in it so decided to get those togeather and blast them out as I was waiting for the ink to dry on my emperors children dreadnought...

so the family shots...

The Firepower group

3 units of landraiders, 2 warhounds a warlord and two lots of landriders for transport

the front ones are the recently painted with the newish inks the rear ones are from back in the day

the easiest models to paint in the world! all dry brush and inks

More landraiders!

Support and AFV group

So two lots of whirlwinds, 2 lots of predators and some vinidicators

Anti-infantry predators


Old school whirlwinds

The infantry group

So 3 space marine units with transport one on foot, 1 devastator unit with rhinos and two that cruise around in landraiders

The Specialist Group

4 units of assault marines, a thunderhawk, 2 units of termi's 4 dreadnoughts, attack bike unit and a landspeer tornado unit

the good old thunderhawk... now only if GW did a plastic 40K for this rather than the 400 quid forgeworld one ;)

Command element with some old ones

And whats currently left to do...

The ship I'm planning on using as a strike cruiser for drop pod deployment, its from a company called ground zero games from there NSA faction range and was a bargin at 4 quid, I'm thinking of getting one to repersent a battlebarge, all I need to do is find some to use as a lander as I'm flatly refusing to pay 38 quid for the GW one!

Points wise...

well its rolling in just shy of 8,900

Thats without the 2 addational thunderhawks, scout unit, 2 warhound and 1 reaver (but no weapons?) that needs to be stripped and painted up in the guise of space wolves, get some of the old school whirlwinds to convert into hunters and that'll be all good as done!

quite a crazy week considering "oh I'll do a quick unit of terminators"