Monday, 3 October 2016

Prep for Derby 2016 - The table

So the Americans were sorted, It was time to turn my attention to the table that we would be playing one.

I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do re using most of the terrain from a previous project that I didn't quite finish a while back,

part one

part two

part three

the scarey part is that was 5 years ago and that this blog is 7 years old!!

anyway back on track! So after having a dig in the garage and attic I rustled up 90% of this! 

the only bit that I've actually made was the corn fields and the hay stacks, these I watched a vid on you tube by the terrain tutor and whilst I was watching it I decided that it would a no brainer to get some of these on the table,

The Terrain Tutor vid link 

whilst doing the crops rather I decided to use the off cuts for some more K47 themed scatter terrain, these were miscasts that I'd got from my source at warlord and after a bit of work these were sorted! 

the shell craters were also done from a Terrain Tutor vid,

Terrain tutor vid link

the hay stacks were really easy to make and again the how to is within the vid links above, I was surprised how durable they were after finshing them off, and looked spot on with the infantry amongst them. 

So thats it really, an entire table made from scatter terrain! something I've not done for a long time!