Monday, 3 October 2016

Derby 2016 - K47 demo & show overview

 If you've never done Derby is a 2 day show, plently to try and play and this year was no exception!

So the demo team decided to defend the title that we've won for the last two years with best participation, and after a bit of brain storming Keiths idea of a commando type game was decided and with the gulf war being 25 years old, SAS hunting scuds was decided upon!

Once again Nick produced the table, Cooper did the SAS, Phil did the buildings and yours truely did the iraqis and the scud.

The rules we hashed out within about 45 mins on a club night and with a few tweeks they were good to go and used a number of club members to try out the rules on, the point of the game is fast and furious and it certainly filled that breif!!

So whilst those lot were running around the desert I was killing Germans on the K47 table!

the warlord stand included studio guys and had a good chat about various odds and sods, some very nice things coming up! 

So various pictures from the show, apologises with regards to the lack of info on the tables, they all looked lovely

this one caught my attention due to the hanger, gives me a few ideas for another table! 

A really nice zulu game, always been temped with this era but don't fancy painting a 1000 zulus! 

some team yankee stuff for the British, really nice plastics should be intresting to see how much more they do for this system.

the SLA boys were on show once more with a really nice demo table made from mantic stuff

Alex over at arcworlde once again proving how twisted and strange his mind is, and I like it!! 

some cracking tables made from a metric ton of hurst arts, very nice work 

and the boys doing the business by bring home the Best Participation game for the 3rd year in the row!

Go you this time round Carl! 

such a simple table and I loved the concept, sadly didn't have a chance to give it a try I'm hoping to see it again and play this one! 

after working with Phil for two days he starts to lose it! 

The Gates of Anteres board that Nick did for the second partizan, 

A rare moment when Donna & Nick were not dealing with the general public!

and the usual haul picture, lots and lots of americans for bolt action, and more importantly some more of Chris' balls for Isla to paint!