Monday, 3 October 2016

Prep for Derby 2016 - Americans for K47

Well as the dust has now settled after a mental weekend I've a backlog of blog posts to catch up with, for this one I'll go though the prep that I did for the demo table,

Previously when I played bolt action I was looking at the Americans but was going to base the force on a black unit the 92nd, this was mainly due to watching red tails and the fact that you don't see that many non white models within the wargaming world unless your doing zulus or crusades!

I picked up a box of buffalo solidger for the heads and sourced some extra ones by pulling some strings at warlord. 

So on the heavy infantry had the heads and after messing about with the plastic infantry sprue I spent a couple of days getting them stuck togeather and managed to make a start on the heavy infantry. 

with just some basing to do, these were finished. Really nice to paint up and nicely cast models 

it was the turn of the infantry and after a but of trial and error as well as asking the bolt action facebook page I sorted out a technique and got quite a lot done on these guys 

it was then the turn of the cool toys, the armour!

I got these posted in a couple of nights and using washes, sponge technique as well as rust effects these were really nice to paint and even though I though the green would look really boring but the finial effect is really nice, 

so after basing up the army with 2 differant types of tufts that I made with a flock box and getting some army painter flowers finished off with some normal static grass the 92nd were good to go! 

however it didn't end there. Phil offered to sexy up the tesla sherman which I bit his hand off as his work is superb, he then gave me a M10 and a kodaik that he managed to get via a source that shall not be named!

I also managed to get hold of a command blister and made a medic and observer team and to finish off the demo army I painted up the free model that I got with the K47 rule book as a black guy to keep the theme going.

so actual time frame with all of that was painted in about 10ish days, not bad considering I'd not painted this type of uniform before!