Monday, 24 October 2016

Mantic plastic pipe terrain for Gorkamorka / This is not a Test

A while back I managed to get hold of some of the plastic mantic pipework that was part of the deadzone 2nd edition kickstarter.

This has been sitting a box for a while as most of my kickstarter stuff does, and had a "good idea" to use the pipework for some terrain for the gorkamorka campaign and the incoming this is not a test kickstarter that is due to hit the uk shores at some point.

so after some pondering and general faffing about as well as asking the masses on the terrain tutor's facebook page, It wasn't long before I'd assembled the following and was waiting for the PVA to dry! 

as I was using this for both personal, club and potentially demo terrain I wanted to keep it fairly simple so a quick blast of army painter red spray followed by the classic sponge technique straight over the top for the weathering, Once that was done it was a simple task of painting the bases and that was it really! 

some ork bikers for scale/size wise

and close ups of the various bits, to raise the pipes off the floor I used the connectors that you would normally use to connect to the side of buildings and put a bit plastic card to make it level to the height of the bend.

An open gangway for snipers and the like assuming you want to stick out like a sore thumb! 

this one doesn't have a ladder as I forgot to stick it on, so technically the walkway is inaccessible. However its no biggie really. 

I've already used this terrain in a few games and they work a treat, Not sure if I'll do any more as this is plenty for a 4x4.