Monday, 3 October 2016

Peterborough Hereford Show visit

A couple of months ago I went over to the Hereford show to demo panzerfuast, this wasn't a show that I hadn't done before so I was looking forward to this one,

the show was fairly large with a few more clubs that I've not come across before, 

the guys who runs the 30K channel was showing off his stuff and it was very nicely painted and lovely to look at, I also quizzed him about the Mechicum just so I can get an understanding of whats worth taking!

witch racing using the formula d rules, very nicely done

the SLA boys were in force and the demo table was looking wicked 

Rob actually working for once ;) 

and I thought I'd nabbed Carl from open combat! 

I was happy to spot this 7TV table as it was at salute and I'd missed this one.

really liked this table, the rolling hills were superb and I managed to have a good chat with the guys running the table. 

the port type table I really liked, such a simple idea, and executed  really well.

I actually managed to get some pictures of the panzerfaust demo table in action, a rare event! 

Over all the show wasn't too bad, I'd certainly go back for the 2017 show if I get the chance.

I did manage to pick up some bits for Konflict 47 as I was "sweet talked" into doing a table for the Derby hence why the blog as been dead in the water!