Sunday, 1 November 2015

Gates of Antares - The "demo"

About a 18 months ago I was kindly asked my Nick if I would like to do some play testing for a game called Beyond the Gates of Antares.....

I remembered that it was on kickstarter briefly before being pulled, As a system whore I  glady accepted!

So I manged to get involved at the very beginning and managed to get a few playtest games in with myself and Nick hacking through the rules and putting various suggestions forward to Rick with ways that we felt that certain bits of the system could be improved.

Take a moment to re-read that last paragraph.. I was giving feedback to Rick Priestly the bloke who wrote the games that actually got me into wargaming in the first place! quite a surreal thought!!

Myself and  Nick have been trying to sort out a game for a while and finally managed to nail an evening that we could get together!

This would be the first time that we would be playing with the final rule set so was looking forward to the evening,

So we were using the models from the starter set, Initially I thought it was two sets due to the amount of stuff on the table but part way through the game Nick to me otherwise, its a lot of toys!!

I gave Nick the choice of sides and the ghar were his chosen faction, so the poster boys for me!

In my usual "Anton" manner I rushed my troops forwards as the best form of defence is attack! 

However I'm sure these guys didn't think that as they got opened up on and became very popular with the ghar!  however this enabled the rest of the force to move up with the drones floating around the back and taking pop shots at the battle suits

Eventually the guys on my left flank make it to the pad and dug in ready for the impending assault, whilst on my right flank reinforcements formed a firebase to soften up the assault suits

With the suppressed unit as bait the assault unit came steaming round the jungle and got opened up on by the fire teams... 

these guys took an amazing amount of fire!!

 moral checks due to the suppression were taken and Poof they were gone! 

So that just left the battle suit unit who were looking a bit dicey, suppression markers were strewn across the field

The last unit of ghar mad it into combat with the unit on the pad and whupped them and they died a glorious death! 

so with the Ghar nicely placed the concord blazed away at the remaining unit, didn't actually drop any but the amount of suppression was building up.

eventually the weight of fire broke the remaining ghar unit by having double the amount of suppression than the moral, apparently according to Nick with all the demo's he's ran that's never be done! 

So as I was involved at the beginning the rules were fairly easy to pick up and remember, I still love the dice out of the bag, makes you think on your feet and involves both sides rather than one person being out of the game for 10-15 mins.

Now the background has been expanded its a far reach from 40K this will be coming into me extensive gaming collection and will rival warzone with the amount of table time that my sci fix will get!

If your still on the fence and have the funds I'd recommend giving it a crack!

pre order now beyond the gates of antares