Saturday, 31 October 2015

Relics Nuem & Monthly round up

So October has been another busy month paint wise, and mental gaming wise!

Painting wise apart from the bits I've done for Rob I've managed to finish off my Nuem force for relics, finish off the Ramos starter set for malifaux and do a Bahaus starter set for warzone, I did mange to lose a trooper some where so no doubt he'll turn up some where!

I decided to paint the Nuem in a colour scheme that I've not seen before that wasn't the usual metals and bronze either, I've had a few people compare them to knorne colours and I suppose I can see where they are getting that idea from but it didn't cross my mind when messing about with them in the begining.

 I've also managed to get finish off my Ramos crew and hopefully will be getting a game in at Weekend Warlords at some time in the future, no idea what I'm doing with these but I'm sure I'll pick it up fast!

Also to add into the end of the month I've got the endo's sorted out for terminator so that I can playing games of this in the new year,

So onto the pledge...

Bought - 20
Painted -86
Differance +66

Another banging month and managed to survive another month in the Surviour series! No idea what to plan for Nov as no doubt work will be busy and with Crisis in the first week it could be a busy month with picking up various odds and sods

However its could be some Arcworlde stuff that I picked up....