Friday, 23 October 2015

Panzerfaust terrain painting guide - Mushrooms & houses!

When I was over at the Derby show earlier this month I was asked by Rob if I could some terrain for Panzerfaust and gladly agreed,

I was given a bag full of mushrooms and four buildings to sort out and thought I'd do a "how to" as I was going to try and paint these without the use of an airbrush unlike my last lot of mushroom terrain.

So the raw materials that I was handed...

These are test casts of the buildings that will be up and the right hand one is unlocked at 25K,

a ton of bits via fenris models, lovely to work with.

So I washed the resin and stuck them onto 50mm bases, the inserts are from warbases that I've used before, really useful as you can have a variety of terrain that you can swap out buy simply buying 50mm bases and sticking what ever you like on them just base them the same!

I had some ebay specials turn up as well and will fit in nicely and give it a bit of variation!

So onto the guide to painting a ton of mushrooms with minimum effort!

I started off with a grey car primer that I get from halfords, I use this as my go to primer after a suggestion from Adam on mountain of metal painting studio

I then gave it a quick coat of army painted bone, now the trick to this is not to "undercoat" but to dust coat it building up the layers, so that the spray hits the model in a direction that keeps the grey in the shadows.

I then did a light coat of white, then got some blu-tac made these into balls and simply stuck them on the mushroom, remembering that where the blu-tac is placed will be where the while will remain, I'm sure you could use round stickers if you wanted smaller spots.

I then sprayed with army painter red from the top of the mushroom so that I don't get too mush over spray on the stalks

then its just a case of simply removing the blu-tac and adding the detail, I did this by painting the spores and cracks with a off while and then simply doing a green wash,

however at this point I hadn't given the stalks a soft army painter wash,

so a couple of hours work of work and they were sorted, Rob was happy with them so all is good!

It was then onto the houses that I'd been asked to do, I started with a grey undercoat, then a bone covering for the base coat of the plaster

I started with sponge painting the big surfaces them grabbed a cheap brush and stippled and dry brushed the walls,

Then it was onto the details and start making it look weird and pretty at the same time!

Isla well being Isla wanted to get involved as well and I gave her the bases for the mushrooms to keep her amused!

So after a bit if a hardcore session I managed to to get the buildings to a reasonable tabletop standard, The way that I did the white spots on the mushroom roofs was I cut a three different circles int a bit of paper and simply sponged the area then once it was dry gave it a touch up with a normal brush and it was sorted! 

So with some basing done I simply had to wait for them to dry and I could deliver them!

overall the building are really nice, solid resin so gamer proof however no idea on the price point as it currently stands.

I'd told Rob that he was 9 stands short of the bases that he'd given me so I got these on the when I arrived,

so exactly the same based up and all that jazz, however I was going to simply matt varnish seal them give a soft wash and then simply base, however Rob wanted me to do the same as the previous batch so it was a rinse and repeat,

the only thing that I did differently was I used frog tape Frog tape to cover up the stalks as the red would be going all over the place.

And that's it nice and simple, the masking and blu-tac takes a little while but the finished result is well worth it.

The golden question is what other colours would you think would look good?