Friday, 13 November 2015

Crisis 2015 - Phat Cats on tour.... Part two The Show!

So after a fairly early night for the Leicester boys the day of the show was upon us...

So in the usual record set up time the Temple board was good to go! 

 The amount of people who commented and played on the board was great and was a good final showcase of the temple board.

I did manage to have a wander around and took loads of snaps of various boards, apologises to all the guys and girls involved with all the cracking tables, 

Some real nice terrain I spotted for sale

A really nice jungle table with some mighty Japanese!

A great looking dust table, 

No idea... 

Foundry, Congo? looks like a new and up and coming system! 

WW2, think it might have been either chain of command or Bolt action 

Crush the Kasier, 

15mm flames?

not very often I see naval games, 


I really liked this table as snow always appeals to me, 

another sea game and this one was done buy simply painting ceiling tiles which I though was superb! 

More snow tables! 

I liked the way that these guys did the mountain, making the firing steps for the models, 

I remember spotting this last year and had a good chat with the guys that had bought it along again, massive amount of work on this one. 

now these I spotted and really really liked them, once I've got my stuff sorted out and caught up model wise these will be hitting my painting table!

Nick taking a well earned rest, lazy fucker ;)

these looked interesting, 2 foot square double sided tiles for tables, nice and simple  but I've a feeling these will be pricey

So we managed to get outside before the sunset, and as a venue its a brilliant spot,

the old men monging it, 

lots of hob nobing going on in the evening, 

the food was once again cracking, great buffet and was well fed.

Huge thanks to all the guys at T.S.A. brilliant day really well ran and very enjoyable experience, We hit the town later in the evening and the phone decided to die which probably wasn't a bad thing....