Thursday, 5 November 2015

Panzerfaust - Release the Bear! Via the Anarchy!

A couple of weeks ago when I did some play testing with Rob over at Lemington, we got onto the subject of the bigger stuff for panzerfaust.

And this was the result of that conversation....

I even got some "fluff"

"Leutnant Evhȃnz took a last swig of schnapps from his hip flask before turning his back on the burning Gnome mushroom farm and walking back to his unit. The meat wagons had at last caught up with his Panzerkriegtiere troop and the bears were busily devouring the fresh meat. The panzertruppen were busy reloading ammunition and checking the armour to see if any repairs needed immediate action. Evhȃnz second in command walked over to him, “Vell Anton, ze war is almost over, ja?” “So it seems mein freund, ve vill be back in Khâllazdûrin for Hogswatchnacht!” A sudden shout stopped the conversation short. A funker was running towards them. “Orcs! Herr Leutnant! Orcs are coming!” “Verdammt!” exclaimed Evhȃnz. “Mount up now!” The Dwarves sprang into action clambering into the armoured hulls. Guns were loaded, hatches sealed, the meat wagons withdrawn. Leutnant Evhȃnz keyed his radio “Panzer-Bären vorwärts!”

So thats another one kicked off the bucket geek list!

Carn't wait to see what the renders and rules for this bad boy will be, Panzerfaust will end on Sunday evening so if your still pondering wander on over and do the right thing and support a great looking revamp on a classic game, If your already on board I'm certain Rob & Steve send you their eternal thanks!

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