Monday, 9 November 2015

Crisis 2015 - Phat Cats on tour.... Part one The Airborne Museum

We managed to get back in for Crisis and dragged the AVP Predator temple board along for the ride!

After last year we decided to make more of a weekend of it so this is what we got up to...

Man packing, nice and simple! 

Geek packing lot more kit!! 

So after being picked up by Lee we swung by Rob's place and spotted these kicking around! 

Orc Marines!

And a badly taken picture of an orc infantryman

And we're off! 

After driving down to Dover and staying overnight it was a early start for the stupid o'clock ferry! 

And we head into port greeting the French with a traditional English welcome

A quick stop off somewhere in Belgium I think?

And we go past Antwerp and head towards Arnhem

So we hit the Airborne museum and rather than make a stupid amount of mistakes I'll simply let the pictures do the talking, 

The usual suspects.... 

So after wandering around the museum, which took us about an hour and a half and was well worth the 9 euros, we wandered down to the cemetery. 

So after a very lengthy day and encountering a slight technical problem on the way back we eventually made it to the hotel and got some drinking going, 

Nick threw this into the mix and the evening went down hill from there.... 

So that was Thursday & Friday..   The show on Saturday will come next...