Friday, 27 February 2015

I Carn't keep away from Kickstarter - Open Combat from Second Thunder

Its my achilles heal and I've been really good resisting the temptation of jumping on various projects that have popped up over the last few months.

However the resistance has been overcome...

One of the chaps that I meet at the Loughborough Dice Devils Kings of War torney has done what all gamers dream of doing and wrote his own rules system,

its a historical/fantasy based skirmish system but with a really nice twist that you stat up your own models which reminds me very much of gruntz and I find that design your own units great fun.

I stumbled across this via the Meeples and Miniatures pod cast where Carl & Gav discussed the game and after listening to that I decided that I wanted to back this project, not only to support Carl with his game but also its something that sounds great fun! 

you've loads of info on the Second Thunder website...

so if your tempted then head over to the kickstarter page


and if you've a couple of hours have a listen to the podcast

meeples and miniatures_ep136

go on you know you want to, after all its only £18!