Saturday, 7 March 2015

Deadzone campaign the final turn,

Late in 2014 I started a deadzone campaign at Leicester Phat cats and a couple of weeks ago it was the final turn, which I decided to have a mass game of all the players who took part in the campaign,

I also decided to get the new plastic enforcers painted up for one of the painting challenges that I take part on the mantic maddness facebook page, Richard does a sterling job of keeping the masses in check. Check out the page and get pledging!


and Richard also runs a cracking blog, go check him out and give him some love!

So if you've not seen the plastic sprues I snapped a few when they arrived a while back,

and some forge fathers for good measure!

the details on the plastic is cracking and Mantic have really hit the nail on the head with these guys,

so after sussing out how to put these together which my tip of the day is don't go mental clipping out the bits as they are numbered so you know what goes where!

I splashed some paint on them to match the restic versions that I got as part of the deadzone wave one,

I had a couple of dropout due to various reasons, however the evening was still an action packed gun-fest!

Overall the campaign went fairly well, the post game section needs some reading prior to the actual game night! However when I was at the mantic open day last year Jake has plans for the campaign system which I'm really looking forward to, the only downside is that its yet another kickstarter so the temptation to add stuff one will have to be controlled!

The only thing that I'd like to get sorted out is the deadzone terrain buy the end of the year,