Friday, 20 February 2015

The Anton goes back to school.

I picked up a airbrush and a compressor a while back and had a play about with it now and then but never really understood the dark arts that is airbrushing.

I've watched a fair few you tube vids on the  subject so understand the actual theory quite well its just the practical aspect that I'm not very confident with.

One of the guys from the club Jake, has taken to air bushing like a duck to water and is producing some superb work, check out his facbook page and give him some love...


Mid last year I spotted an advert for a local business doing a two day wargaming airbrush for beginners course, now it wasn't cheap but when you tot up the amount of hours and all that jazz its not a bad deal.

So in the true "Anton" bugger it attitude I booked myself on for the course and in the email confirmation I've been told to bring models to pratice on.

Well two days worth of solid painting I figure I need a fair few to say the least....

so in that lot, I've some terrain for the warzone/AVP board, mushrooms are for the relics board, crates from deadzone, 15mm panthers, 28mm germans, 15mm martian front tanks, some infantry from myth and a couple of malifaux bits. The gorgeous model at the back is my warzone Icrus and I can't wait to get some paint on that bad boy!

I'm hoping that lot will keep me busy for the weekend and I'll be hoping to take plenty of pictures throughout the two days and track progress of the class, that's assuming that I actually have time and remember!!

If you are interested then check out Barwell Bodyworks