Friday, 13 February 2015

Firestorm Armada - The up and coming Dice Devils Campaign.

Recently the Dice Devils have moved their gaming night from the Thursday to a Tuesday meaning that depending on my shift I've an additional night to get my geek on.

In the last couple of weeks I've had two great games of firestorm and Dystopian wars and Dave has come up with a great idea in the form of a Firestorm campaign and as always that's an excuse for me to collect something new and shiny,

So in the deal of the century I obtained some Ba'Kash so these should be a good start point for the campaign fleet with the added bonus that I can use my Dindrenzi that I did a few years back.

As its been an awful long time since I used the Dindrenzi no doubt spartan have released some cool funky stuff since then however I'm trying to stay away from expanding on a already reasonable sized fleet!

As usual the golden question came up of how to paint them as I'm not really feeling the gold look that is suggested by the box art

One suggestion that I got from Ben was orange with pink! but that got me thinking and after a quick brain storming session with Grant I'm going with orange and purple and I night throw something else in there for good measure, It's gonna be razzle dazzle space camo!

Next week we've a 500 point warm up game to lock down some of the rules for our fleets then the campaign kicks off shortly after that, one of the things that we've agreed on is to have painted fleets for each game so as the campaign goes on and the points increase it'll help us all keep the motivation to keep on going.

If you've been tempted by firestorm for a while or never heard of it wander over to spartan games as they are doing free down load for the rules as well as the fleet guides.

also add the fact that they have just announced the HALO line its going to be certainly one to watch for the future! 

I'm not a huge fan boy of the HALO games, they are good and a laugh on multi player from back in the day but story line wise I'm not overly bothered, One thing that was bought up on my facebook page is the limited forces that could be fielded as it stands at the moment I've been told that you've got 4 factions but would this be enough the keep the game fresh?

I've similar concerns with the terminator game with skynet and the humans but then if you look at x-wing that's only got the rebels and the imperials and only recently have they added the bounty hunters, so if the rules for the HALO and terminator systems are rock solid then it can be done.

What are your thoughts?