Monday, 2 February 2015

Kings of War Kingdom of Men - تَكْبِير & the pledge!

After last years cracking Battle Masters at Loughborough Dice Devils, I was chatting to a couple of the hardcore KOW players at the torney and the usual discussion of what would you do as your next army.

I'd come across a couple of kingdom of men armies and the "boring" humans took my fancy but rather than using GW empire models or perry war of the roses that I've seen most people done I went a bit left field and decided to theme my army on the middle east.

So using a box of the gripping beast plastic arab spearmen I set to work on my first horde of spearmen,

I managed to get the models painted and sorted quite quickly but I was waiting on the base from warbases, as I'd pledged to get these guys done for the Mantic Madness facebook page,  however the post office let me down and nothing turned up...

 A quick email to warbases and they sent out another parcel and hey ho one day late but done and dusted!

the bulk of the models are the gripping beast plastics with perry command type guys, 

I decided to base the unit in a ragtag type look rather than super neat ranks, my only challenge was how to base the unit and paint in between the models, So I did the base first with the basic highlight, clipped the model off the plastic tab that would normally be used and got some green stuff and super glued the infantry model direct to the base.

 I did the above technique row by row so stuck the guys down, banged on the clumps and PVA'd the static grass, then rinse and repeat for the next 3 rows. My only concern is the models staying put on the unit tray, however time will tell on this one!

Overall I'm really liking these guys and the official start of the Kingdom of Men is well underway with the Battlemasters booked in for the 12th September I plan on taking these guys to Sharad's torney, however the spearman horde costs 180 points!

So I've a fair bit of painting to do for these guys, next on my list might be...

a 20 man unit of these guys, I'll more than likely use them as penitents mob and have a Imam/preacher getting them all frothy!

Or get a couple of these beasts throw in some cav and these will serve me well as cav units

I've also got a couple of these on the way via kickstarter, so camel cannons are go! 

So onto the pledge for the new year...

Bought - 61
Painted - 72

I took full advantage of the relics sale and that package rocked up earlier in the month hence the significant "bought" figure, as for painting I've done a large chunk of zombies for deadzone for the last mission that I've got planned in at the Leicester phat cats and these will be showcased on the blog at some point, I've basically been lazy at home and busy at work hence the lack of updates.

As for Feb I've finished the arabs, gonna make a start on my Survivor series pledge which is martian front infantry as well as my mantic madness pledge which will be some of the new plastic enforcers.