Friday, 3 October 2014

Deadzone wave 2 has landed!

well technically it landed about 3 weeks ago, however due to "real life" I've been bloody busy stopping Isla trying to basejump from various things, maybe all those times watching the history channel has made her want to be a paratrooper?

any way on to the plastic crack!

so a bit of scenery all clipped off the sprues ready for a building session over at Kris' gaff,

and all the funky stuff,

scarily enough the 2nd wave of deadzone weighed more that when Isla was born!

So after an evening of brew induced madness and banter another battlezone is born! 

this was the first time that Kris had played with the mantic terrain and it was a simple task of "go wild" and away he went, loads of funky buildings on this one!

so when I had some day light I set up the previous set up and I've got quite a bit of terrain now!

I've also picked up a few odds and sods to mix it up and add some variety to the terrain, these pair I picked up off a chap on a facebook trading page, I'll simply get rid of the tau markings and they'll fit in great,

the other bits I've picked up are from warsenal and these will make up a urban park that I've got planned, usable for both deadzone and infinity.

and all the terrain was just in time for the deadzone campaign night, so these were the three tables that we set up,

Keith was good enough to bring his stuff along,

Justin's Reb's against Alex's Maruaders, the stunt bot was being a paint in the arse for most of the night!

Lee's Reb's against Dan's plague, this was Lee's first game and he fared quite well against the unwashed masses!

Nick's Marauders against Keith's Plague, the swarm was the game changer and caused mayhem, I loved it!!

however Nick's dice rolling is blessed!

so the first round was quite well found with the following "stats" coming out...

Player    Misson           Win?   Kills  MVP

Alex      Steady Lads    Yes      2        Marauder Commando,combat nut case
Justin     Break though  No      3        Sortak
Dan        Headhunt        Yes     4        Stage 2
Lee        Scavenge         No      2       Terraton
Keith     Quietly does it No      7       Swarm
Nick      Occupy            Yes     7       TBC

the kill count from Keith and Nick is brutal, and I can't wait to see what happens in the next round!