Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Megacon Games Myth - Kickstarter arrives at the Anarchy!

So after a "significant" wait Myth finally lands on the doorstep of Fort Anton with an all mighty thud!

Lovely box art and the actual box is very sturdy and should last a while, so onto the heroes...

In all honestly I've no idea who is who as I've only looked at the models and flicked though the rule book and had a quick glance at the cardboard tiles. However these are pre-assembled and over all not too bad some hot water bending is required as well as clearing some flash away, but to simply play straight out the box these are spot on, far better compared to super dungeon explore.

these will be great to paint up and have loads of uses if you play various D&D type games

So onto the bad guys, I've grouped these into what I think are the right "types" but I'm not 100%,

so skeleton type dudes, the cannon fodder and boss type chap.

Orc type guys, with some medium chaps and a big chap looking angry!

The critter crew, one of the small critters is missing an head, but I'm too fussed as I've so many extra models!

Rat men, armed with catapults and crossbows! the boss type figure has loads of rats crawling all over him and is a cracking model.

some cyclops type guys and weird looking circular disc armed guys,

A collection of stuff that was left over, I'm sure that they should be grouped with the guys above, I'm liking the wizard type chaps on the right, not sure what I'm gonna do with four though!

Object type markers I'm assuming, would work brilliantly for relics and other weird type games.

Loads of cards and other odds and sods!

Now these metal inserts really impressed me, lovely touch by megacon games, not sure if these are available after they hit retail?

One of the many cardboard punch out sheets, really nice art work and very nice quality,

Nice and thick fnar fnar!

So my over all impressions with the models and components is really good, has a super dungeon explore feel to it but with out the pain in the arse of gluing the stuff together. the sheer amount of models that I got was beyond mental and the likely hood of any paint touching them is slim to none! After all its a board game not a wargame!

Since the kickstarter finished they have been a couple of updates that I need to track down and suss out what have been changed which is a pain in the arse but hopefully not a massive problem.

As I tend to learn games quicker by watching Beasts of war are going to be doing a myth week, so I'll be keeping my eye out for that!

So for all you guys and girls that are waiting on your package for the last god knows how many months, its worth it!