Friday, 31 October 2014


Recently I've been on a mission to finish off projects that have been kicking around for a while, So this is what I've been up to for the last couple of weeks,

So starting off with some cacti that I picked up at the derby show from great escape games, dead simple and nicely sized as you can see with the warzone brotherhood chap.

Talking about brotherhood I did some objective markers,

And some legion markers for good measure!

I picked up some teleport homers online and based them up for objective type markers for either warzone, dystopian legions or any other sci fi steampunky type game,

Trees as you can never have enough trees! these are from ebay and found them in the model railway section, not crazy expensive and certainly different to the usual GW type trees that you see kicking around,

a generic barn from the perry brothers, with PVA still drying!

and the farm house, both really nice models and lovely to paint up,

the usual size type comparison, designed for 28mm historical rather than space marine and the like!

I picked up a sarrissa train station a while back when I was planning my WWX, deadmans hand board and this was fairly simple to put together and not over hard to paint, I've not painted an MDF building before that has as much detail with the wood panelling and the like and it was quite easy once you understand the material.

I was worried that I'd hide the detail but it wasn't to be the case!

I dig out a bit of track and a carriage to see how it looked against the station, and its a really good match,

I'm hoping to get the train finished in the next couple of weeks and that'll be the wwx/wild west board done, I'm on the look out for some teepee type buildings for something different.

I've gone for a green type board though as I can reuse the battlemat that I picked up and use the buildings for various other systems.

I couldn't go the whole month without some actual figures and I finally got the last of the previous tor gaming kickstarter finished in the form of the wound markers which I'll be using as objective markers for the orcnar.

I increased the amount of unmann that I've got and with the nappa's they can turn into unmann! so more the merrier!

And finally a bunch of BTR-50's 20mm scale for the Crisis show in Antwerp this weekend, This will be first time that I've been abroad purely for a gaming show and really looking forward to it, expect plenty of pictures from that one next week once I've recovered!

If your over at Crisis come and look for us playing on the huge Yom Kippur board.

The pledge is still on hold as I've not picked up a new rig and probably won't until after the new year due to home improvements, Christmas and all that jazz!