Sunday, 5 October 2014

Derby 2014 The aftermath!

Its was that time of year again and the Derby show was upon us,

This year it was the brainchild of Dan to run a saga zombie themed game and simply using the set up from the expo board earlier in the year with a couple of buildings scratch built by the machine known as Phil and painted by the lovey Jo we were good to go!

for the Saturday it was cut short due to my nephews party, however he did have jelly and cake and that'll always be a winner in my eyes!

The few hours I was there on the Saturday the table attracted an awful lot of interest and over the weekend the best part of 10 games were ran. Not sure if this was down to the coverage that gripping beast gave us on the facebook page prior to the show or the fact that we were in the middle of the trade stands, overall the setup was far better than previous years as the demo/gaming tables were mixed in with the trade stands.

I did manage to have a quick blast around and briefly look at the tables that were on show, the standard of the tables were really high and a good mix of time periods, 

A football riot game by anisty written by one of the guys I met who ran the westwind secrets of the third reich torney at the Derby show 4 years ago,

A lovey blast from the past!

A great game of Charlie don't surf, I think this won best in show?

A cracking looking WW1 table, playing using the last man standing rules, I spent a bit of time chatting to these guys as the overall look was really nice and very well executed,

Wing of war, I liked the cotton wool clouds, very simple very effective!

A few shots of our table,


2012 Honourable mention for Normandy Operation Goodwood,
2013 Best in show for Yom Kippur,
2014 Best Participation game

An outstanding concept and well executed by Dan, the rest of the guys were simply along for the roller coaster ride, We also had a number of other show organisers pop over and invite us to various shows that are coming up in the next 6ish months which is awesome feedback and makes all the prep well worth while.

So onto the "loot" for the weekend, quite a haul compared to the usual "I'll pick up a few bits" in the whopping pile you have...

1000 point shaltari dropzone army
Saga Crescent & Cross
deadmans hand the legend supplement & 2 blisters of cacti
9 addational Umann and 3 nappa for relic's
warzone brotherhood guardiani Oblati, legion Nepharite of Algeroth and Black Widow.
Valhalla rulebook, this one caught our fancy the most so will be looking forward to giving it a crack!

This lot will have a big impact on the "pledge" well thats as soon as I get the old info back on track! 

Overall this year was once again a cracking show and the overall feel was good, chatting to a few traders as I was wandering around they seemed to have a good show and numbers were very busy!

So all we have to do is sort out the TWO boards for salute and suss out what we're gonna take to Derby 2015 assuming they'll have us ;)