Thursday, 1 December 2011

Plastic Soldier Company Review 20mm Infantry & Panzer IV

With myself picking up Kampfgruppe Normandy I did some digging about and with some excellent advice from the guys over on The Miniature Pages I've picked myself up some 20mm WW2 bits,

First up is the infantry, I was a bit dubious to be honest with this lot when going to pick them up as I remembered as a kid the green army men you can get and I thought it might be along the lines of that...

but that was soon blown out of the water as the smart people over at PSC have put a clear window on the back of the box so you can see what they look like, and 57 models for 11 quid its a no brainer!

So the actual sprues...

you get three sprues all the same, and quality wise I'm really impressed  the models are crisp with no flash and just a quick clip em out and your good to go, Some need sticking together but compared to 28mm stuff its a doddle! and you also get spare heads in there if you fancy being well fancy!

Mount them as you like, I've gone for 20mm bases that cost a penny each ;) I can do an entire infantry platoon with one box, that's three squads, platoon HQ and three mg34 teams, the only thing that I need to get hold of is panzerfausts and I've ordered those from SHQ along with some other bits and bobs, so when they turn up I'll put those under the spotlight and see how they compare to the PSC guys.

So on to the "good" stuff... the armour!

Now everyone loves tanks if you don't well why bother gaming!! so the PSC Panzer IV box...

no plastic window on this one, but 3 models for a mighty £12 the words Ding Dong spring to mind, 4 quid a tank that's about the same cost as a pint in some pubs!

So each panzer comes on two sprues....

and again the sprues are crisp with only a little flash around the skirts that go on the hull.

now I thought this was quite clever, must be the same chap who thought of the clear window! the parts are colour coded so depending on what version of the panzer your after you slap those bits on.

So onto the models..

dead easy to put together, 

I did one as a reference, and then faffed about with the skirts on the other two for a more "in the field" look.

close up of the running gear and over all detail.

So over all I'm quite impressed with the quality of the Plastic Soldier Company stuff, the only downer is that this is all they do for the Germans in 20mm, there is alot more in 15mm so aiming for the FOW market, I might have to pick up some 15mm stuff as its 16ish quid for 5 tanks, again a real bargain!