Tuesday, 29 November 2011

November update....

So where has the month and more importantly the year gone!!

So I managed to smash the "pledge" outta the park this month despite going a tad OTT towards the end of the month with my impulse buying!

So I managed to get the People Army North Vietnam painted...

All 70 stands of them! the real trick was I picked up some army painter brown leather spray and that was 80% of the painting done! real time saver!! I'll be picking up various other colours as I need then to save on the basecoat stage or I might get my hands on a airbrush and see what I can do with that? 

So 2 infantry companies, with HQ

all the weapon teams in the collection, Normal &  heavy AA, normal & heavy anti-tank guns and Normal & heavy mortars, HMG teams as well as HMG bunkers

 I'm quite happy with this lot and all I need to do is get a game in against Adam with his yankie pigs... But now I've sussed out the VC I'll be moving onto the Russians that I've had kicking around for the past 3ish years at some point!

Whilst waiting for the various bits to dry I managed to crank out the two merc's models that I picked up earlier this month, now I was going to go for a digital camo type scheme but there isn't enough Armour plates to make it look effective enough so gone for a standard looking military green, I was tempted to do the yellow but I wanted a special forces feel to them.

So what were my impulse buys?

Well a marauder starter army for warpath, basically a shit load of Orx's and these are the bits I've threw together ready for a test paint and I'm going the dip method with these guys

the other lot was 20mm Germans from the plastic soldier company, I got 57 of the little monkeys for 9 quid! 

I'll be doing reviews of both the warpath & plastic soldier stuff in the next week or two once I've got a few bits sorted out.

so onto the "pledge"

Bought - 125

Painted - 146

Difference  + 21

If it wasn't for the warpath and 20mm Germans I'd be at a  + 121!!

So till next time, be lucky!!!