Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Saga, Vikings on tour....

With my first game of Saga looming I've decided to give the Vikings a lick of paint,

So the group shot, 

warriors at the back and hirdmen at the front, with the army deal that I got from gripping beast I got some shield transfers and used these on the hirdmen so that they stood out compared to the normal chaps,

and the other lot

the Boss man with the standard, 

These were really nice to paint as I only had 30 odd models to do I could spend a bit of time on them rather than just cranking them out like I did with the celts, the shield transfers and flag are really detailed and went on no problems, with the flicking that I've been doing with the Saga rule book the system looks like its gonna be alot of fun, and the naked nutters are solid in combat but do get a reduction in armour as they are wearing bugger all!

The other thing that I'm trying to do is tie up some loose ends with nearly finished projects and did the converted tractor muls for infinity,

there a fairly basic paint job, but there good enough for the table top, 

other side, 

so I've only a handful of models to finish for the infinity, a big robot thing for d-wars and then I'll see what else takes my fancy, I have picked up another system in the form of....

Now I first saw this back at Salute earlier this year and didn't really look at it as the £45 price tag for the book was beyond ridiculous! however warhammer historical are having a half price sale on some of there books so for £24 quid I figured why not and one of the local guys had seen a game being played and was raving about it!

only problem being its aimed for 20mm, now I've no idea about manufacturers etc.. but looking around the plastic solider company is looking like its gonna be at the top of my shopping list, of maybe good old airfix?  Anyone else know any recommended 20mm or 1/72 models?

On a final note the "re-paint" of the necrons came in split between the purple and devlin mud, so I'm gonna have a crack using both! more on this another time....