Tuesday, 1 November 2011

October Update / SOTR Table / Road trip / Celt warbands!

yep its a action packed post today, get a brew and relax!

We'll start with the October update,

So picking up the Celts at the Derby show did throw a spanner in the old works for being on target for the month but "somehow" I managed to get the Celt infantry warbands finished all 123 of them!

So that lot is 4 warbands the gap is gonna be filled with 3 spares that I did with the last lot, and 2 command elements. All I've got to do is anti-shine them when I get some nice weather and I'm not doing 10 hour days at work!

All I need to do for the Celts is 20 cavalry and we're sorted!

So the pledge ended up like...

Bought       165
Painted      146
Difference -19

IF I'd managed to get the cav done then I would have broken even but hey not to worry!

So the SOTR club table...

with being distracted with the Celts and general odds and sods I've not made a great deal of progress with this recently,

so the hanger with some paint on, I've a second on the go at the moment as well,

and the usual ruins, 

some more ruins, 

and guess what more ruins!!

but whilst wandering the net and looking at a huge pile of foamcard that Spencer dumped at my place I decided to have a play about with print your own buildings...

printed out, stuck on foamcard, banged together, painted the edges brown and we're sorted!

barn type building, the great thing about this is the PDF has different "skins" so that you can change the doors, roof and wall types, just a bit of touching up and the jobs a good-un!

Only downside to these buildings is that they are sealed so you carn't put models in them but to be honest there more for fantasty/warmachine so not that much of a issue really.

I've printed off quite a bit and all I need to do is get these stuck to some of the foamboard and sorted out ready for this weekend so that the Phat Cat's Blood and Oil Torney will have a medieval city board to fight over!

So the road trip...

Nick suggested wandering down to a place where you could bid & buy military stuff, I liked the idea of that but when he mentioned that some Russian stuff would be there it was good as sold!

Inside a BRDM

Still inside, I was quite surprised how small it was inside... 

from the outside, 

Armoured recovery vehicle with 93 miles on the clock!

BMP-1? there were two of these, 

interesting set up inside, with two separate areas for the infantry to sit, again quite tight in there! 


from the front, 

and other side, 

the BMP from the front

Spencer & Nick having a nosey about

Carn't afford a tank? how about the tracks!

these cost more than the BMP's!

Its spot the Spencer!

A warehouse full of "bits" 

with a 40mm AA gun hidden near the back! 

anyone for a landrover? 

A stupid amount ready for auction! 

Huge tuck! 

no idea looked good though!

Fancy starting a haulage firm?

more landrovers from Northen Island as well as Iraq & Afgan, the ones from the sunshine state looked like they'd been driven into the ground! 

Combat engineering vehicle, loads of these just kicking around!