Saturday, 5 November 2011


Well "they" have arrived....


And arn't they shiney!! I might post my thoughts on the codex once I've had a chance to have a good old read but whilst picking up the codex I got two new necron chaps, I just went for what looked "cool" so...

Now these are the first "finecast" models that I've bought and overall not bad but with GW stating:

"Our Citadel Finecast models are the latest step in hobby evolution, providing you with incredibly detailed, high-quality resin kits to bolster your army. Painting and modelling Citadel miniatures has never been as rewarding as this." 

The big boss man... so this side looks alright,

oh look lasgun burn holes... that's really cool battle damage and so precise.. 

So the cryptec chap, again looks ok from this side, 

and yea not bad from this side either,

however after a quick flick though ye oldie codex, you can have 5 of these for each lord as a retinue type unit or split them off into squads, but as the body is a one cast piece, they could have have the model a bit more poseable so that you can have different versions rather then just arms.

Thoughts on finecast?

Its "ok" nothing to get over excited about and personally the "statement" is truly a bag of tosh and after looking on the main GW website seeing some of the prices of the re-released old models done in finecast I'm actually quite shocked, Abbaddon for 14 quid! that's just plain taking the piss for a model that old!

So after sticking the main bodies to the bases the weapons will come later after I've sussed out how to kit them out I figured I might as well resurrect the boys from back in the day....

So the "traditional" necron paint scheme, you can't really go wrong with the T-100 scheme, but with a little twist of the green rods painted red to give it a more "evil" look.

I decided to have a play about with the current range of washes that I've grown to love, and did two warriors in a different wash to see how they looked

So the left one is devlin mud and the right one is badab black

then I went a bit more "adventurous" and you've got purple on the left blue in the middle and red on the right.

and the group shot.

I think the blue is "too" blue if that makes sense? I'm liking the purple & the red but a whole army might look a bit weird and how would the destroyers look with those big flat areas?

so as I can't decide I'll open a poll!!

so vote and put your thoughts below,