Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Release the crazies!!


what a weird month its been, I've actually ran out of paint for the terrain that I've been doing so it was a trip to the shop this evening to pick up some more but I'm starting to replace my normal GW paints with Vallejo paints as they are alot cheaper and after chit-chatting to Dave from the Burton club its the same stuff that I used to paint with back in the day!

Throw the leaked pictures of the necrons into the mix, and that Dreadfleet is STILL available to buy, when Space Hulk had sold out in the equivalent time previously it doesn't bode well, my local gaming store has a huge pile of them! But I've no doubt that the necrons will sell as good as the dark eldar, and I've still got my old school ones kicking around that I'll get some pics taken of at some point.

the other werid thing is that I've actually made a differance to the "hobby" by backing a project by dreamforge games, remember....

Well I spotted a post on his blog and decided to take the plunge and pledge some money in exchange for a "reward" if the project ever hit it target, and its managed to hit the target well ahead of the target date so I'm now quite excited to see the project pick up speed and get my reward in my hands.

If you wanna take part its open for the next 25 days:

www.kickstarter.com project-eisenkern-32mm-miniatures

So with the board on hold I picked up a couple of 1/48 kits to use as scatter type terrain and keep with the rocket base theme, the first one is a cool looking VW beetle, I knew that the Germans had something to do with this but after a bit of online reading I was surprised to find out that they did a part-payment scheme for normal people to buy one!

I was tempted to make it a wreck but it looks so cool!

the other kit that I picked up was a refueling truck (blogger is faffing me about with the pics!)

So some detail of the sprues, I've not touched a "proper" model kit for years and this bought back floods of memories!

so once I've got that banged together which shouldn't be too long I've got Coops to airbrush the main bodies of the models all I'll have to do is the additional bits, 

So with the additional Celts that I picked up from the Derby show I figured that I might as well crack on with them to try and make an impact on the "pledge" for this month so in the "usual" Anton manner I stuck all 120 of them together and went on a spray-a-thon I wanted to use all the British bits to make a semi-naked unit that could act as champions/berzerkers and after a couple of nights work I'd managed to get them to the point of finishing off the bases and ready for the anti-shine,

Close up of the crazies...

and whilst that lot is waiting for some basing action, I decided to crack on with another unit of normal guys... 

all I need to do with these is the copper bits on the armour and the odd tattoo on the half naked chaps and they'll be ready for the dip, its quite scarey how fast you can paint models with that stuff, 64 models in a week and a half? not bad!

and once the celts are done the saga vikings are ready to rock, I might dip these as well just to save time.

So with  about 2 weeks before the end of the month I need to step up the pace to break even..

In a nutshell I need to do 138 Celts and finish the terrain to break even! IF I manage this which would be truly mental it'll push me over 1000 models painted this year! Which is double what I painted last year!

So stay tuned.... Can I achieve this mental goal, right I'm off to paint!!